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Pótári Adrián

  • I graduated in psychology in Debrecen and already during my university years I started to establish my current approach to helping, research and science, and to gain experience in these fields.

  • I started my work as a psychologist at the Straw Mental Health Service, where I provided crisis intervention and facilitative interviewing, after training in a humanistic approach. Then at LEA, I did supportive therapy with supervision. I participated in the IPE hypnotherapist training, where I learned hypnosis, KIP, ego-state, NLP, techniques.

  • As a student I joined the psychophysiology and chronobiology research group at the SOTE, where I was introduced to sleep research, recording, theory, analysis and interpretation of brain activity during sleep (EEG, polysomnography). As a sleep researcher, I am currently a member of the Developmental Psychology Research Group of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. I extended my knowledge in the field of cognitive science at the Doctoral School of Psychology at the BME.

  • Ten years ago, I became interested in neurofeedback, and in order to practice it, I completed the SOTE-accredited biofeedback, (EEG) neurofeedback trainer training. I think neurofeedback is a very exciting modern new field where I can use my scientific knowledge of psychology and brain research to a great extent in the assessments, tests and training plans we develop, and in this way provide a thorough, quality service to the clients who come to us.

Drótos Gergely

  • I graduated in Psychology at the University of Debrecen, followed by three years as a PhD student at the Department of Psychiatry, University of Szeged, and two years as a research assistant at the Centre for Brain Imaging, MTA-TTK. For two years I taught at the Department of Psychology, University of Szeged, as a staff member of the Department of Cognitive Science.

  • Currently I am working on neurofeedback and the application of artificial intelligence in medicine. My main interests are.

  • To put my knowledge into practice, I have completed the SOTE accredited neurofeedback trainer training.

Kovács Balázs

  • I graduated as a psychologist in Debrecen. I started working as a school psychologist as a student and worked in schools for almost four years. At the same time I was involved in several projects in the social sector as a consultant. From individual and group sessions to career counselling, I have had the opportunity to work on many different projects over the years. After a brief stint in England, I started my career in business. I have worked as a consultant, employee, specialist and manager.

  • Currently I work as an assistant consultant and acting HR manager, alongside neurofeedback, research and training. My main areas of interest are: organisational psychology, positive psychology, meditation, relaxation, NLP, the use of neurofeedback in ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) and in peak performance enhancement.

  • During my university years, I acquired an advanced knowledge of German. I then attended hundreds of hours of psychodrama. After returning from England, where I gained a high level of English, I expanded my knowledge of organisational psychology, and then qualified as a certified counsellor in labour law and obtained a master's degree in NLP. I have been meditating for over ten years.

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