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Neurofeedback, psychological consultation and research

Peak performance training, improvement of attention, concentration and relaxation skills, ADHD, stress, anxiety without medication, neurofeedback training

Progress is not a luxury

"Taking a person as he is actually makes him worse, but taking him as he should be makes him what he could be."


What can you expect when you contact us?

Help to know yourself

Training sessions are designed according to the client's goals, based on a preliminary assessment using the most up-to-date tools available. During the training sessions, electrodes are placed on the client's scalp, which conduct electrical signals from the brain to a computer.


Using software developed for this purpose, the client receives feedback on the brainwaves to be trained, and can thus master and learn to evoke and control them for brainwave activity related to the skill or state of consciousness being trained.

Briefly about the available training opportunities


Tools used for training

One of the most technologically advanced, research-grade neurofeedback capable BrainMaster Freedom-24 and Neuroelectrics Enobio 8 dry electrode EEG devices. We are the only company in the market with a device capable of monitoring and training the whole brain. No need to wash your hair after training.


Trainings based on stress management

Stressful situations can cause problems and even illness in all our lives, and developing the ability to relax and unwind can help us to manage them properly.

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Trainings based on attention processes

Improving your attention and concentration skills can help you to cope with everyday tasks and treat the symptoms of certain illnesses without the need for medication.

Our prices

Assessment and first interview

for children 26 000 HUF, for adults 36 000 HUF

60 minutes

During the first session, following an assessment of the client's needs, we map the whole brain activity using 19 electrodes, the only one of its kind on the market, to give a complete picture of the training options. The assessment is carried out in the 2nd district with the 19 channel machine and in the XXII district with the 8 channel machine.


Training session

for children 13 000 HUF, for adults 18 000 HUF

60 minutes

Our training programmes are tailored to the needs of the client, based on the survey, we can train the cortical surface of the brain beyond the full range of the possibilities offered by most providers.

The assessment will include an initial interview, which will assess your needs,

medical history and a description of the therapy/training framework

(~30 min), followed by an EEG to assess the neural

activity (~30 min).

assessment does not require any special preparation on your part,

but it may help if you have taken the EEG the night before or the morning of the

The client washes his/her hair.

What do we provide?

- 9 years of neurofeedback experience

- 15 years of international research experience, accumulated knowledge in psychology, physiology and electrophysiology

- Maximum client-centred approach


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They wrote about us

Dr. Simon Márta (neurológus)

I am always open to improvement and new things. If there's an exciting, innovative new development or treatment, I think it's worth trying. I have read about neurofeedback mainly in English in several places. I was most interested in the fact that it is drug-free. I felt that it was definitely an interesting development opportunity for my little girl. We first started with another neurofeedback trainer, but the old-fashioned software used boring, monotonous videos. They offered no experience for the trainer. The wet electrodes also elicited resistance from my little girl, so we were able to do a total of two sessions. The Brain Activity method proved to be much more pleasant. The dry electrodes are more comfortable and much less hassle. During the training sessions we watched stories, which proved to be a pleasant, exciting and rewarding pastime. My little girl loved neurofeedback, when we arrived she always ran up the stairs on her own. The training sessions gave a boost to Rozi's development, who has largely made up for lost time.


The training has made my son more reliable. He is more predictable in everyday life. In the longer term he forgets things less, he doesn't have to repeat everything several times. This is a big result.

Szalóki Szilvia

Dávid really likes neurofeedback training. He enjoys doing it, it's not a chore. His performance has improved, he feels less anxious.

Lengyel Adrienn

I would highly recommend Brain Activity to anyone who wants to improve, cares about their well-being and wants to live a life free of anxiety. They are a very fair team, the training they suggested helped me a lot

V-K. Adrienn

"I am satisfied with Brain Activity's service, which is why I recommended them to my circle of friends. They give me personalized, partner-like feedback on my child's condition and development. I find neurofeedback to be a bridging solution, an alternative to drug therapy. My little girl said that after the training she is better able to follow the material in the class. I also see several improvements in her (like her allergies have improved)."

Szántó Szilárd

"We were extremely satisfied. My little girl's learning has become more focused, more efficient, more stable and she is able to achieve a good level of learning."

Gábos Melinda

"We are very satisfied with the service of Brain Activity. There are no negatives that I can mention. Hanga is just willing to go to him, he can pay more attention in training and in school. We had a great time and would love to go back."

Pacsa Mónika

"We appreciate the flexible schedule Gergely provides. Adam is happy to go to the trainings where he is welcomed in a homely atmosphere. Gergely is personable, professional, helpful and child-centred. We have confidence in him. We can only recommend the services of Brain Activity.


For adult and child psychological problems beyond the scope of our methods, feel free to contact Soulwell Psychology Private Practice


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