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Frequently asked Questions

From what age is it recommended?

Certain cooperation is required on the part of the clients, and the EEG device is not suitable for any head size, so it is recommended from the age of 4.

Is the achieved result sustainable?

Training could be compared to learning to ride a bicycle, without practice the effect may weaken, but you cannot "forget". Experience shows that changes are permanent.

How regularly should you go for treatments?

In general, two sessions per week are recommended, but one or more training sessions per week can be effective. It is worth taking a break of 48 hours between training sessions.

What kind of machine is used for the training sessions?

The BrainMaster Freedom 24 EEG machine is used for the training sessions and represents some of the most advanced research state-of-the-art technology available. It has the advantage that different brain areas can be trained at the same time using the 19 sensors (electrodes) and it works with dry electrodes, i.e. no need to apply gel to the client's hair/scalp.

How does a training take place?

During the training, we measure different characteristics of the brain activity with the help of an EEG placed on the client's head, while the client listens to music, watches a movie or plays games that work according to brain function.

How does the assessment take place?

During the first session, we conduct a so-called first interview, during which we clarify the framework of the therapy (e.g. its regularity), the goal to be achieved and the questions that arise. After the interview, we conduct a survey with the help of the EEG and, if necessary, with psychological tests, on the basis of which we develop the subsequent trainings.

Are there any side effects of the training?

Neurofeedback sessions have been shown to have no undesirable effects (i.e. side effects.) Apart from the fact that the sessions themselves are tiring and in some respects stressful, there are no undesirable effects

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